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Our Winners + Losers of SBLIV Commercials.

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

This is the time of year when sports fans (or just fans of food and beer) unite around the TV to watch the Super Bowl. With all the hype around the game, players, and halftime show- a lot of fans are concerned with only one thing. The commercials. 

Only the Super Bowl can have fans rooting for a break in play so they can see what the world’s most creative advertisers have brought to the big stage. In recent years, a lot of companies try hard to create absurd brand plays in hopes of going viral. While these tactics have worked well in the past (Old Spice, Skittles, KFC), we are partial to good old fashioned clarity. So we’ve made our choices based on creativity and clarity. So, here it goes- Our Winner’s and Losers of the SB LIV ads. 

Our Top Three:  

1. Jeep- "Groundhog Day"

There’s nothing we love more than a little nostalgia and Jeep’s “Ground Hog Day” spot promoting their new Jeep Gladiator didn’t disappoint. It shows Bill Murray revisiting his iconic role as Phil, plagued by repeating the same day over and over again. However, when he walks out he finds the Jeep Gladiator and says “That’s different.” We loved the following scenes showing him enjoying the features of the vehicle with the eventual tagline reading “No Day Is The Same In A Jeep Gladiator.” This makes us want to take test ride.

Well done Jeep.

2. Amazon Alexa- "Before Alexa"

You gotta love Ellen. Our favorite comedian/feel-good television host is the focal point of the Amazon Alexa spot. It begins with the question, “What did people do before Alexa?” What ensues next is a great montage of scenes from the past of people with similar names (Alex, Alexis, Lexi, etc.) doing functions that Amazon Alexa can do with no effort. We love this spot because it’s funny, creative, and clearly shows what the device can do.

3. Little Caesar’s- "Best Thing Since Sliced Bread"

One thing we love about this spot is their efficiency with time. In this 30 second spot, they’re able to create a riveting story about how Little Caesar’s delivery is the best thing since sliced bread. They hilariously show the downfall of “Sliced Bread” as the CEO (Rainn Wilson) struggles to innovate on the spot. In the end, Little Caesar’s wins out, clearly communicating the benefits of their new delivery service.


1. Hard Rock Hotel- "Big Game Commercial 2020"

Just because something has a celebrity (or multiple), doesn’t mean it’s good. Hard Rock put together a star-studded cast to talk about….we still can’t figure it out. This commercial has it all, a nonsensical plot, a highly choreographed chase scene, and several cameo experiences. However, in the end, the spot falls flat, failing to communicate the value of staying at a Hard Rock hotel.

2. Rocket Mortgage- "Jason Momoa SB Commercial"

Action star Jason Momoa is known for his masculine physique but this ad shows him in a different light. This spot for “Rocket Mortgage” is an example of absurd ad strategies missing the mark. Rocket Mortgage is a software that helps you purchase and refinance your home! This isn’t Old Spice or Skittles.

While the effect of him “getting comfortable” is shocking and absurd, these tricks become the focal point of the spot, not the brand. Creating something comedic may have been their objective, but they missed a great opportunity to touch on the benefits of their business.

3. Olay- "Make Space For Women"

We are all for equality. We’ll scream about #girlpower from the rooftops but what does outer space have to do with skincare? At least the Hard Rock spot had celebrities and the product in the spot, the women over at Olay just talk about space while featuring a few B-list celebrities dawning pink jumpsuits. They don’t even talk about the skincare benefits! Is Olay literally starting a space program? Are they getting into software development? It’s hard to say, but judging from this spot that’s certainly how it feels.

So there you have it, our thoughts on the winners and losers of last night’s Super Bowl commercials. What was your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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