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Why Conflict Matters.

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Today is #nationalstorytellingday. We're only a few days into this quarantine, and if you're like me, you've probably already had your fair share of stories from Netflix, Hulu or the countless streaming services. It's funny, in our busy modern world, one thing remains true.

Humans love a good story.

Why are we drawn to tales of adventure, struggle, and triumph? Most experts agree it's because our brains are designed to process information using the framework of story.

No good story starts until the hero encounters a problem or a conflict. While conflict is uncomfortable, it's a critical ingredient in the recipe for a good story. If you take conflict away from the story, it falls apart and becomes boring. Imagine if, in Harry Potter, the first moment Harry meets Voldemort, he defeats him? You'll only need one book to tell that story and ain't nobody creating a Harry Potter world off Sorcerer's Stone!

Today humanity finds itself in a battle of epic proportions that only the likes of Tolkien, King, and Rowling could write. We share a common enemy and must travel the road to victory, together. While our journey is filled with obstacles of fear, anxiety, and the unknown, we are not alone. Humans have been rising to the occasion for thousands of years, coming together to defeat new challenges and innovate their way to the world of tomorrow.

We must follow in their footsteps and move towards the uncertainty. Because when we finish this battle, we will find that we had a part in an incredible story of human triumph, bravery, and progress that will be passed down for centuries.

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Chase Fairchild

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