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Deconstruct Your Bad Instagram Habits

Are your Insta-inconsistencies getting in the way of your account growth? Deconstruct your strategy and rebuild with these seven tips in mind to increase your gram’s growth:

1. Create Content "Buckets"- i.e. products, lifestyle, tips & tricks, what we're reading, etc. Already knowing what categories you want to post about will give you more time to craft your specific voice and make batching and scheduling content easier.

2. Post regularly- Be consistent. Whether it's daily or once a week, schedule posts for routine time slots when users are most active. Also, take into consideration that posting more often will grow your following faster.

3. Use Link Management- We love Linktree and similar services! Link management services provide users with quick access to multiple paths of information about your business and products.

4. Use It All- Go live, use Reels, and experiment with new Instagram features to engage users. Be sure to make content that remains brand-focused and has meaning and purpose.

5. Post Vertical Photos- Vertical photos take up more real estate on the feed and get more engagement. Simple but effective!

6. Use Stories to Tell Stories- The story element of your business is what people find relatable. Show people behind the scenes of your industry or how you make a difference in your community with simple photos or videos posted to your stories. Create highlights on your profile with story content that should stick around for more than twenty-four hours.

7. Be Cool- You don't have to be cool for everyone but, be cool for someone. Let your Instagram account be a collection of cool things that give value to your target market. People become more interested in your products and services when you express how they add value to their lives.

Remember, treat your social media like a cocktail party and not a sales meeting. A little effort each day will grow your following and brand awareness, ultimately leading to more sales making your business more successful.

Stay tuned to Bolt Marketing on Instagram, Linkin, and Facebook for more tips and tricks.

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